How To Fix Zebra Printer Offline On Windows

Sometimes when the users are printing the documents then they will get notified by the operating system of the Zebra printer. It should be caused due to technical issues, connectivity issues, power supply errors, and many others. If you are facing the same issue and the Zebra printer keeps going offline then this article will be helpful for you as here you will get to know the common reasons behind the occurrence of the issue and the troubleshooting tricks to fix this issue without any hassle. 

Instructions to Fix Zebra Printer Keeps Going Offline Issue

Look at the below troubleshooting tricks to fix the Zebra printer issue. You need to follow all the steps carefully without making any mistakes:

Method 1: Check the Printer Drivers

Sometimes due to the use of outdated or corrupted drivers, you may face the Zebra printer offline issue. It will make you stop printing the documents and disconnect you from the computer. So, make sure that you have installed the updated printer drivers on your computer or laptop. Whenever the new update is available for your driver then it is recommended to update it immediately.

Method 2: Check the USB Cable Connection Issue

Sometimes, the web associate in the USB affiliation may create the  Zebra printer keeps going offline on your Windows device. It makes you unable to print the documents. The users of the Zebra printers get the notification of the offline on windows devices. Another reason behind the occurrence of this error is creating the loose connection, use of damaged or broken cables for establishing a connection and USB affiliation disconnection. To fix this issue, you need to check the cable uses for connections. It should not be damaged. Reboot your system as it helps you get back to online mode on your Windows device. 

Method 3: Check the Printer Settings

Go to the start button and then open the control panel. Check the printer settings as it may also be the cause in disconnecting the Zebra printer and your operating system. To fix this issue, you just need to check the printer settings by accessing the printer spooler window and set your printer to the online mode. Try to print the documents to check whether the issue gets resolved or not. 

Method 4: Check for Printer Paper Jam

There may be a possibility that your printer is showing offline due to the paper jam issue. So, check the roller for any paper stuck in it. If any paper is stuck in your printer then remove it gently to resolve the  Zebra printer keeps going offline issue. 

Method 5: Use of corrupt USB cable

When you are using the faulty hardware and establish the loose connection then you may face the Zebra printer offline issue. If you have not connected the USB cable properly then you may also face the printer offline issue. So, make sure that you have established all the connections properly and there should not be the use of any faulty hardware.