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    Where is the WPS PIN on HP Deskjet 2700?

    In the modern era, things become easier than in earlier times due to the various advancements in technology. Now, with modern printers, you can easily print the documents through a wireless connection using WPS. Whenever you connect the HP Deskjet 2700 printer on Windows 10 then the system prompts you to enter the WPS pin for printer hp Deskjet 2700.

    So, if you want to use the HP printer and are trying to install it on Windows 10 then get a WPS pin to connect with the wireless network. WPS connection is basically used to create a secure connection between the printer and your device whatever you are using. In this article, you learn the steps for the HP Deskjet 2700 WPS pin.

    Instructions to Connect HP Deskjet with WPS Pin

    If your HP Deskjet 2700 printer has a screen then you can easily connect your computer or another device with HP Deskjet 2700 WPS pin. Here you will get the steps to find the WPS pin for your HP printer:

    Step 1: The first step is to turn on or restart your HP Deskjet 2700 printer.

    Step 2: After that, go to the settings and click on the control panel of your printer that you are using.

    Step 3: Thereafter, press the wireless button on your HP Deskjet 2700 printer. You will see that the LED light on your device will start blinking. 

    Step 4: Next, go to the control panel where you will find “WiFi protected setup option. Choose this option and the follow-on screen instructions shown on the printer’s screen.

    Step 5: Hit on the WPS option. 

    Step 6: After completing all the steps on your printer’s screen, a pin code is generated which is the WPS pin code. With the help of this, you can connect your HP Deskjet 270 printer with your computer. 

    Step 7: At last, enter the WPS pin code generated by your printer on the computer or laptop screen. A pop-up message is displayed on your screen saying your printer is connected to the computer.

    Note: Remember one thing that the WPS generated on the screen of your printer will be visible for 10 seconds. So, if you are unable to connect your printer to the computer then you will need to generate the new WPS pin code again for your HP Deskjet 2700 printer to establish a new connection. 

    Steps to Connect HP Deskjet 2700

    Some printers do not contain the screen. So, in those printers, you did not need to access the control panel. In such a case, you can use the WPS push button to establish a connection between your computer and the printer. Go through the below steps to connect your printer with a computer through the WPS push button:

    Step 1: The first step is to turn on your printer or restart your printer.

    Step 2: Make sure to place your printer closer to the computer to avoid any issues.

    Step 3: Once you complete the above steps, search for the wireless button on your HP Deskjet 2700 printer.

    Step 4: Press the WPS push-button for 3-4 seconds. Thereafter, you will see that a small LED light on your printer will start blinking. It means that your printer is preparing to become ready to connect remotely.

    Step 5: In the next step, search for the WPS button on your wireless router. Once you find it, press the button for some time to turn it on.

    Step 6: When the LED light on the router and printer starts blinking for 4-5 minutes. After that, the lights on both devices will stop blinking which means that your printer is connected to your computer.

    Step 7: Try to print the document remotely. 

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