Learn Why Does It Say My Printer is Offline: Guide to Fix it

Wondering why does it say my printer is offline? Know the reason why is printer offline? Looking for steps for how to fix printer offline issues? Well, if your printer shows offline then it means that it is not able to communicate with the operating system. But, don’t panic! This is a common printer issue and here, you will get the solutions to change the status of your printer from offline to online. Before going with the troubleshooting tricks, let’s go forward to know the possible reasons behind your printer’s offline issue and why it happens.

Why is Printer Offline? Know the Reasons Behind it

The printer is offline error displays on the screen when Windows 10 sees that your printer is unavailable. Unfortunately, most of the time it is unable to tell if the printer is really offline or there are printing errors or connectivity problems. Go through the below points to know the basic reasons behind the printer offline issue:

  • Establish loose connections through wires and cables

  • Do not connect the computer and printer to the same network connection

  • Connect the printer with low bandwidth router leads in poor network and printer offline issue

  • Does not set your printer as a default printer on your computer or laptop

  • Use of outdated or corrupted printer driver and firmware for your printer

  • The printer has encountered some internal error

  • Establish an inappropriate connection between the printer and computer

  • Several unfinished print jobs in the queue of your printer

How to Fix Printer Offline Issue?

Look at the below-mentioned effective troubleshooting tricks to change the status of your printer from offline to online:

Solution 1: Check Connectivity and Restart Your Printer

If your printer had been shown online for some time then it means it is in an idle state. But sometimes, when your printer is not working then there is the possibility that your printer is in an offline state and you don’t know about it. To resolve this issue, turn off your device and wait for one minute. Also, ensure that your printer is connected to the power outlet properly and is turned on. Cross-check the wireless connection and Ethernet cables used to establish the connection as it may be the reason that you see your printer is offline. Now, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Change the Printer Status

Go through the below steps to change your printer status:

  • Open your Windows settings.

  • After that go to the devices and then tap on Printers and Scanners.

  • Thereafter, select your printer from the given list of which you want to change the status. Tap on the Open queue.

  • Click on the Printer offline under the Print Queue window. A pop-up message displays on your screen saying, “This action will change the printer status from offline to online”.

  • Tap on the Yes button for confirmation and the status of your printer will be set as online.

Remember to clear the print queue before beginning the steps to change printer status.

Solution 3: Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Another solution to fix the printer’s offline issue is to run the printer troubleshooter. It helps in resolving connectivity issues, printer driver issues, restart printer-related services issues, and many more. Follow the below steps to run the printer troubleshooter:

  • Firstly, go to the settings and then Update and Security.

  • Tap on the troubleshoot option.

  • After that, click on the printer troubleshooter and then run it.

  • Once the above steps are finished, you are able to resolve the printer offline status.

Solution 4: Remove and Add Printer

If nothing works then the best solution for the printer is offline issue is to remove your printer from the system and then add it again. Also, download the printer driver and OEDs application in your system. Look at the below steps:

  • Unplug your printer from the computer.

  • Go to the devices and then the Printers and Scanners option.

  • Now, select the printer that you want to remove and then tap on the Remove devices.

  • In the next step, plug your printer back in. Windows add the printer back again. Also, install the printer driver.

  • The reinstallation of the printer will restore the printer to the online status again.

  • If you do not find your printer on Add a printer or scanner option then click on the link showing, “The printer that I want to add is not listed”. In this case, you can add your printer manually.

That’s All! Hopefully, the above-mentioned details will help you in knowing why is printer offline and assists you in resolving the printer offline issue without any hassle.