Resolve HP Printer Says Paper Jam But No Jam 

When the HP printer says paper jam but no jam is there, then it means there is something else creating this issue. It is not necessary that always when the paper will be stuck in the printer, then only jam issue will come. There are other reasons responsible for this as well as the jamming issue. Therefore, to fix HP printer jammed issue, there is a need to follow a guide providing you with all possible and easy solutions. Well, you are at the right place. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below properly one by one till your issue is not resolved.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Jammed Issue

There are different reasons possible for the paper jam. The steps discussed in this section are from the basic to the advanced. You need to follow the steps one by one until you don’t find that your issue is resolved. Therefore, let’s move to the steps now.

  • In the very first step, you need to look for the areas which are making the issue of paper jam. 

  • You shouldn’t only check the paper tray, but also the rollers as they should be movable to make the printer work.

  • Check whether the carriage is moving freely or not. 

    • Power on the printer and it should not be in ON state before.
    • Open the access door for the cartridges to examine the carriage.
    • Wait for some time for the carriage to come into an idle state.
    • Let the printer turn ON, and then disconnect the printer plug from the electrical source.
    • Then check the carriage area if some object or paper is restricting the movement.
    • Remove that object or paper from the carriage area.
    • Confirm that the carriage is moving freely, and then connect it to the power source again.
    • Try to take a test print out now, if the issue is resolved then stop here.
  • Now, clean the paper feed area and rollers with the damp cloth or cotton ball.

  • If still there is a problem, then clean printer rollers to make them work smoothly.

    • Remove all the papers that are in the paper tray.
    • Then, go to the Settings on the printer, and then tap Ok on the printer.
    • With the arrow keys, navigate to Tools, and again tap OK.
    • Then again navigate Clean Paper Feed with arrow keys, and then tap OK.
    • The printer will make some noise during the cleaning process.
    • Wait for the printer to become silent, and then try to take a printout.
  • After cleaning the printer rollers, clean the ink smears for the printer.

    • To do so, load some papers into the input tray.
    • Now, go to the Settings on the printer display, and press OK.
    • Then, navigate Tools with arrow keys, and tap OK.
    • Then select the option of Clean Ink Smears with arrow keys, and tap OK.
    • Wait for the printout to get ejected from the printer.
    • Now, try to take the actual printout to test the issue resolution.
  • In the last, you can reset the printer to resolve the issue at your end.

    • Let the printer be in ON state, and disconnect it from the power source.
    • After that, wait for around 1 minute.
    • Then again connect the printer to the power source.
    • Take the test printout then resolve the issue.

Issue Resolved!

With the competition of these steps, your issue HP printer says paper jam but no jam should be resolved. Still, if you are not able to fix HP printer jammed issue, then there is a need for the service to your HP Printer. So, check the warranty, and visit the nearest service center of HP printers. So, resolve the issue, and take the desired printouts.