Guide to 123 HP Printer Setup

Whenever someone wants to buy a new printer, then the first name that comes to anyone’s mind is the HP Printer. It is because of its ease of use. There are very few confusions the customer faces with the HP printers. Moreover, it is very easy to set up a printer with the link Also, if you are facing any issues, then you can find the resolution at 123 HP printer setup. However, this guide is covering the steps for the HP 123 setup, as it is the very first thing you will do on buying the printer. Therefore, let’s start our journey for the 123 HP printer setup with this guide.

Steps for HP 123 Setup

The steps discussed in this section are for the first time 123 HP Printer setup. It means, on buying the new HP printer, you need to follow these steps properly for completing the setup for the HP Printers. There are different phases for the setup of the printer that includes unboxing of the printer, setup of the printer, and installation of the printer drivers to make the printer work according to the commands. Therefore, follow the instructions as per the phases mentioned below:

Phase 1: Unboxing HP Printer

  • Keep the printer’s box on the rigid surface and then unpacked it.

  • Take out all the other material from the box including manual, power cable, etc.

  • Check the box once before keeping it aside.

Phase 2: Assembling the HP Printer

  • Now, insert the input and out paper tray for the printer.

  • Insert the ink cartridges and then align them.

  • Make sure to clean the scan glass as well for the cleaner scanned printouts.

  • Now, do the proper alignment of the ink cartridges to avoid the wrong or missed printouts.

  • After assembling the printer properly, load the papers in the paper tray.

  • Now, carefully connect the power cable of the HP Printer to the electrical source.

  • Turn the power on for the printer.

  • Check whether the display for the printer is working or not.

  • Do the settings if required.

  • Take a test printout to check the settings for the printer.

Phase 3: Installing the Printer Driver

To make the printer work, or to take the printouts from the system, you need to install the printer driver as per your model of HP Printer. To do so, follow the instructions described below:

  • Make sure to turn on your HP Printer first before the installation of the printer driver.

  • Now, connect the printer and the system to the same router’s network.

  • After that, go to the web browser in your system.

  • Visit the link

  • Now, on the website, search for your printer name, and then the model number for your printer.

  • Now, the option for the associated printer driver will open up.

  • After this, click on the download/ install button for the printer driver.

  • Once the installation of the printer driver is complete, then click on it to open.

  • The on-screen instructions will open up in the wizard for the installation of the printer driver.

  • Finish up the installation, and make some changes to the system if required.

  • The installation of the printer driver along with the 123 HP Printer Setup is complete.

Take the Printouts!

Now, like the 123 HP Printer Setup is complete for your HP Printer with, therefore, you are all set to use your printer. Now, you can take the desired number of printouts depending upon the ink level of the ink cartridges. Summing up, this guide is a complete solution for you if you are looking for the steps to do the 123 HP Printer Setup. So, complete the setup for HP Printer, and take the printouts.