How to Complete HP Utility Download for Mac

If you want the full feature printer driver package for Mac, then you need to complete the HP Utility Mac download. Sometimes, it is not the complete file when one installs the printer driver’s file for the particular model of HP printer. Due to which at later stages, there is a printing problem with the printers. Therefore, by completing the HP utility download for Mac, you will have the full feature printer driver software. It means no more printing problems. But, do you have the confusion with the HP printer utility Mac download steps? Well, find the simple steps for the download in this article.

Steps for HP Utility Mac Download

There are very simple steps for the download of the  HP printer utility Mac. So, just follow the steps as mentioned in the guide. By the end, you will have the functioning full feature software in your Mac system.

  • First, click on the Apple menu, and then select the option of the System Preferences.

  • Now, you will find the option of either Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners in the window.

  • Click on the (+) symbol at the bottom of the screen in order to add the new HP printer.

  • You may find it already added in your system, then that could be because of the AirPrint.

  • So, first delete that printer, and then add it again by clicking on the (+) symbol.

  • The list of all the printers ready to connect will appear, select the name of your HP printer.

  • Now, click on the Use tab, the drop-down menu will open up.

  • Select the name of your printer. Don’t select the AirPrint tab here.

  • Then, click over the Add button.

  • The new Print Queue will appear, find the Settings option, and click over it.

  • After that, a new window will open, click over the Utility tab there.

  • Under that, click on the option Open Printer Utility.

  • This will download the  HP printer utility Mac.

  • If you have not to find the Utility tab, follow the instructions given below to download it on the browser.

    • Go to the official website of the HP printers.
    • Now, type or select the name of your HP printer along with the model number.
    • After that, select the Mac as the operating system along with its version you are using.
    • Now, form the list of recommended software, select the HP Utility software, and download it.
    • Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file.
    • Then, follow the on-screen instructions for completing the installation of software in your system.
    • Now, again to the printer queue and then to Settings. 
    • Check if you find the Printer Utility tab now.

HP Utility Download for Mac is Complete!

So, these are the steps to complete the  HP Utility Mac download in your system. Now, if you open the Utility software window, then you will find all the features and options that you can do with the HP printers. So, complete the HP Utility Download for Mac and have all the features for easy printing in one place for HP printers!