A Step-by-Step User Manual Guide to Fix HP Printer In Error State Issue

Struggling in solving HP printer in error state? Looking for tricks on how to fix HP printer in error state windows 10? If you are also facing these issues then it means there are some issues with your printer itself. HP printer in error state in Windows 10 occurred due to some connection problem, low ink, paper stuck and many more. Here, you will find simple ways to troubleshoot the issue. Let’s get started.

What Does HP Printer in Error State Mean?

HP printer in error state means that you are no longer able to print anything with your printer machine. The printer error mainly occurs when there is any problem associated with the internal or external parts of the printer such as ink cartridges, connections, wires, and drivers among others.

Reasons Behind the HP Printer in Error State

If you are wondering why you are facing an HP printer in error state issue then go through the below points. You will continuously face this issue until there is a problem with your printer either in software or hardware. There may be several reasons for the occurrence of the HP printer in error state issues. Some possible reasons are listed below:

  • Cartridges left with low or no ink

  • Your system gets attacked by malware or virus

  • The printer has been corrupted

  • HP printer is not connected properly with your network

  • Scratches, dirt, or paper stuck in the input paper tray of your printer

  • Corrupt data in the printer spooler or choked printer services

  • Printer drivers or software are not compatible with your system

  • Empty or less paper in input paper tray

  • BIOS problem hampers the printer status and your printer goes into the error state

  • Slow internet connection or other problems associated with the internet connection

  • The printer is not connected to the computer properly

Once you know the reason behind the HP printer in error state issue, you can test and solve the issue accordingly. It is essential to follow the appropriate troubleshooting tricks to resolve the issue. 

How Do I Fix Hp Printer Error?

Look at the below instructions to know how to fix HP Printer in error state Windows 10 efficiently:

Solution 1: Power Cycle your Computer and Printer System

The continued use of computers and printers for a long time may overheat them. In this situation, you need to turn off your device and turn it on again after a few minutes to fix the printer problem. A simple restart of the device can also resolve the problem.

Solution 2: Check the Cable Connection

If restarting the system does not work to fix the issue then check all the physical connections established by you between your computer and printer. Ensure that the USB cable is connected correctly between the computer and printer. Also, if you found any damaged cable that is used for establishing the connection, replace it immediately with a new one. You can also try to connect the USB cable with some other USB port to resolve the HP printer in error state issue.

Solution 3: Check the Network Connection

If you have a network printer then you do not need to connect your computer with the printer through a USB cable. You can connect them either by a wireless network or an Ethernet cable. You also need to check the network connection between the computer and the HP printer.

Solution 4: Update the Printer Driver and Software

Printer drivers are very important in the fine working of the printer device. The corrupted, inappropriate, or outdated printer drivers and software on your device can create an HP printer in an error state issue. So, make sure to update your printer driver and software with the latest available version to avoid any printer-related issues. You can easily download the printer drivers from the official website of your printer. Also, update the drivers for the error-free performance of your printer.

Solution 5: Remove Pending Jobs in Print Queue

The corrupted entry in the printer spooler is the reason for the HP printer in error state issue. To resolve the issue, you need to access the print queue and delete all the pending print jobs or corrupted files from the system. Thereafter, restart the system and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

With these steps, you will know how to fix HP Printer in Error State Windows 10 issue. All the steps are very easy to follow and by using them the user can easily fix the HP printer in error state issues without any hassle.