Complete Guide for HP Printer Filter Failed Error

The HP Printer Filter Failed error shows that there is something wrong with the printer device that you are using. If you are one who is facing the same issue then you are unable to use your printer device. The occurrence of this error means that the filter of your HP Printer may be not compatible with the operating system that you are using on Windows or Mac. This may be the reason due to which you are facing a filter failure issue and aren’t able to print the document of desired quality. To resolve the HP Filter failed error, scroll down and read each and everything very carefully.

Know About HP Printer Filter Failed

HP Filter failed error means that it is a part that is not able to convert the data of a file to a compatible and printer-friendly file. The main task of the filter in the printer device is to alter the data type of your content file to some other data format that is acceptable to any HP device. If this process fails then it occurs an error of HP Printer Filter Failed on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and many others.

What are the Reasons for the HP Printer Filter Failed Error?

If the process HP Printer Filter Failed in Windows or Mac OS then there be the following reasons for the occurrence of this problem:

  • Disabling the sharing option on your device

  • Incorrect or inappropriate paper settings on your HP printer

  • Installed the outdated or inappropriate printer drivers for your printer device

  • Use of corrupted printer drivers

How to Resolve an HP Printer Failure Error?

The user can easily fix HP Filter failed errors by resetting the settings of their device and by altering the settings of the loading paper. Some other way to resolve HP Printer Filter Failed is to perform the manual installation of printer drivers and make sure that you have enabled the sharing option on your device. Follow the below methods in details to troubleshoot HP Printer Filter Failed issue quickly without any hassle:

Method 1: Reinstall Printers Drivers

The first method to resolve the filter failure error on HP printers is to reinstall the printer drivers. Follow below steps to reinstall the printer drivers:

  • Unplug your printer from your computer or laptop and plug it in again.

  • Download the latest version printer drivers from the official HP website.

  • Also, tap on the System information.

  • Go to the printer options where you see the printer drivers installed on your device.

  • Delete the HP device that is creating the issue and re-add the printer again to your system.

Once, the installation of the printer driver is completed, HP Filter failed error should have been fixed.

Method 2: Enable the Sharing Option

By enabling the sharing option, you can easily connect your printer to your computer or laptop. The user can easily find out this option under the System Settings of a Windows computer. To reach this setting, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps properly:

  • Click on the “Start” menu and then open the “Control Panel”.

  • After that click on the “System Setting”.

  • Now, click on the sharing option where you have to type your system name with which you want to pair your printer device.

  • At last, click on the “Exit” button.

  • Once, you are done with the above steps, reboot your computer to save the changes made by you and made that come into effect.

Method 3: Change the Paper Settings

You are facing an HP Printer Filter Failed error due to incorrect paper settings. You can change the paper settings by viewing the preview of the document that you wish to print. After that, you need to tap on the TIFF option from the dialog box pop-up on your screen and save all the changes made by you. By using the TIFF option, you can export your PDF file. Now, you have to uncheck the alpha option and save all the modifications made by you. In this way, you can easily print your file. Follow the below-detailed steps to fix HP Filter failed error:

  • When you want to print a PDF document then go to the “Main Menu” from your PDF document.

  • Click on the “Preview” to launch the PDF.

  • Tap on the file option to open it and after that click on the Save button.

  • A dialogue box displays on your screen where you have to choose “TIFF”.

  • Go to the “Resolution” window and tap on the “Pixels/inch” option. Type “600” in the provided space.

  • Tap on the Save button to apply all the changes made by you.

  • Click on the “File” menu and then tap on “Export”.

  • Again, go to “TIFF” under the Format option.

  • In the next step, uncheck the alpha box and tap on the Save button.

  • Go to the “File” option and then tap on the “Print”.

  • Now, choose the appropriate paper size, dimensions and complete all the paper settings. Download and install the printer driver again in your system.

That’s All! The HP Filter failed error is a part of your device which is not working.  Hopefully, the above-mentioned detail provides you the resolution for HP Printer Filter Failed error faced by the user caused by improper printer driver installation and wrong paper settings with some extra useful information.