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What is HP Printer Default Admin Password?

Password security is the best one to make others refrain from changing the settings or interrupting your network. Similarly, the devices like HP Printers also started providing this feature. Now, if you may try to change some settings for the HP printer, then you may have been asked for the password. But, you don’t know anything about your HP printer default admin password. No worries, in this article, you will get to know about the steps for the HP printer default password. By following these simple steps, the HP printer admin password will be in your hands, and you can do the settings as required.


Steps To Find Printer Default Password

Before applying any steps, it is important to try some of the combinations for the password. You can say it as a hit and trial method, as it may save most of your time of yours. Therefore, there is a list being shown for the username and password for HP printers to help you as a quick resort.

So, find the list below to check some of the HP printer default passwords.

Most of the time, the username and password that works is “admin” for both. So, you can try with the above of the default passwords. If these don’t work out for you, then you need to follow the steps given below in order to find the HP printer admin password.

HP Printer Login

Log in with your HP printer username or email address to manage your printer and print or scan from anywhere.

Change HP Printer Password

Have you ever wondered if your HP printer password can be hacked? Change your default password to a strong password and protect the data.

HP Printer Reset

Recently changed your HP printer default password, and now you don’t remember that? Perform a reset and get your printer to factory default settings.

Step 1: Take the printout of the Settings page

It is easy to take the current settings page printout from the printer, and there is no requirement of a password to do this. Therefore, take the printout for the settings page as it may contain the credentials along with the other settings like network information, default settings, etc. For every printer, there are different steps to take the printout for settings, but you can follow the common one.

  • Press the WiFi button and (i) button i.e. information button together for around 5-10 seconds.
  • It will give you the printout for the settings.
  • Also, you can check the display panel of the printer as it may also have the option for taking the printout of settings.

Be very careful, as you must not confuse the WiFi username and password with the printer’s password. If you didn’t find the HP Printer default password here, then move to the next step.

Step 2: Try to find it Printer’s Manual

If the previous steps are not useful, then you can check the manual of the printer. It is important to check the manual because it used to contain all the important information about the settings of the printer.
  • In the manual, go to the index, and check for the Settings heading.
  • On moving to that page, look for a password as chances are there, a password is mentioned for changing the settings.
  • Otherwise, you can also look for the Password heading in the index or appendix to try with the shortcut.

If it is not in the manual, then there are chances that you should find it on the printer.

Control Panel

Go to the control panel and tap on network setup, followed by, select restore network settings to reset the default password.

Reboot The Devices:

Reboot your router, printer, and computer to restore the default password.

Run Wireless Setup Wizards.

Move to control and run the wireless setup wizards to restore the password.

Factory Reset.

Reset the printer to factory settings to get the default password



Step 3: Check the sticker over the Printer

You may check the sticker on the printer’s backside, or somewhere on the printer. Usually, it contains the basic information for the printer. If your printer requires the password, then it must be mentioned over there.

Passwords are Important!

So, if your printer is coming up with the password feature, then it is a good thing. As without a password, there are chances that someone may change the settings about which you don’t have any idea. This will only lead to troubles in the printing. So, these steps will definitely make you reach for the HP printer default password. So, follow the above steps, get the HP printer admin password, then change the settings accordingly.