Get HP Printer Offline Fix

HP Printer is the leading brand in the world of printers. Every company wants to make their service smooth for their customers. Therefore, in case, HP printer connected to wifi but offline status is being shown, then this also needs troubleshooting for your printer. When the HP printer showing offline status, the issue can be with the HP printer or with the system. So, let’s go through the steps to find the HP printer offline fix. But first, get to know about the issues leading to the HP printer showing offline.

Why HP Printer Showing Offline?

Most of the time, this problem comes when the new updates get installed into the system, and it used to become incompatible with the previous versions. The reasons are:

  • The system is working on Windows 8 or previous versions.

  • The printer is working on the network.

  • The driver is not properly installed in the system.

  • The printer and system are not connected to the same network.

So, to resolve this issue, you need to follow certain steps to solve this problem.

Steps for HP Printer Offline Fix

There are very simple steps to resolve this offline issue of the printer. Following are the steps you need to take a look at to fix the HP Printer offline status:

  • Check whether the printer and system are connected to the same network.

  • After that, open Windows Explorer.

  • Then go to the Control Panel, and then select the Printers and Faxes folder.

  • Now, the list will open for the printers that are currently connected to your system.

  • Select the printer ion which you want to work and want to change status to online.

  • Then the printing jobs pending with this printer will open up.

  • Now, in the menu bar, select the Printer tab.

  • Unselect the option of “Use Printer Offline”.

  • Now, the status for your printer will turn online.

Now, you can check that your printer is working online and you can complete your printing job. This method is the simplest method that you can use to troubleshoot HP printer connected to wifi but offline status issues. If this method has not worked for you in the right way, then there is an alternate method available as well to help you out.

Alternate Method to Resolve HP Printer Showing Offline

In case, you have tried with the above method but still, the problem has not been resolved, then there is an issue with the printer driver. So, the solution that is left is to first uninstall and then install the printer driver again. The issue is coming because you have not installed the full feature printer driver for your HP Printer. So, you will install the full feature printer driver in these steps. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • In the very first step, first you need to uninstall all the drivers you have installed previously.

  • Now, go to Windows Explorer, and search for Devices and Printers.

  • The Devices and Printers folder will show up, click on that.

  • From the list of printers, select the name of your printer.

  • Right-click on it to remove the printer setup from your system.

  • Now, open the web browser and visit the HP printer’s website.

  • Then look for the printer’s driver software for your printer.

  • On finding the suitable software, click on the Download link.

  • It will take a few minutes to complete the download.

  • On the completion of the download, open the installed file in the Downloads folder.

  • Now, click on Run and install all the files for the driver.

  • Make sure you should not skip any file for the installation to have the full-feature driver.

  • Again establish the wireless connection of the printer to the system.

This alternate method will surely provide the HP printer offline fix. Now, if you will check the working status of your printer, then it will be online now. 

The Printer is Online!

The above mentioned are the steps to turn the HP printer showing offline status to online. First, you need to follow the basic steps for the resolution, and then follow the alternate method if the issue is not resolved. So, now the HP printer connected to wifi but offline is gone, and your printer is online now to complete your printing jobs.