Know More About HP Printer Assistant Scan to Computer

HP Printer Assistant is the software used to get installed during the setup of your HP Printer. This software helps in the printing, scanning of the documents along with the troubleshooting steps. Therefore, if you want to know about the HP Printer Assistant scan to computer procedure, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you to take HP Printer Scan To Computer. So, let’s start with the procedure.

Steps for HP Printer Scan To Computer

The HP Printer Scan To Computer can be easily done with the HP Smart App. For the easy clarifications, the steps are divided into two parts i.e. scanning the document, and then saving it as PDF or file in your system. So, let’s start with the steps:

Scanning the Document with HP Printer

  • First, visit in your system, and download the HP Smart App.

  • Now, from the HP Smart App, select the HP Scan icon to start with the scanning of the document.

  • You will see three options in the Menu bar-Scanner, Import and Camera.

  • As you want to scan directly, therefore, select the option of the Scanner.

  • The Get Started screen will open if you are scanning from the first time.

  • The scan window will open where you can change the various settings as the output like page settings, resolution, etc.

  • You may turn on the option of Auto-enhancements, and Auto-orientation to do the settings automatically.

  • Then, click on the Scan button.

  • The preview of the Scan will appear in the window.

  • If the Detect Edges window will appear then you can adjust the settings for the boundaries of scan.

  • If Edit Window appears, then you can make other settings like reordering or changing the file name etc.

  • Once, you have completed the settings for the Scan, then click on the Done button.

  • Select the option as per your requirement in the Scan Preview window.

  • As, you want to save this to the computer, then select the option of Save, and select the preferred location.

  • Then, click on the OK button to start the scanning of the document.

Saving it As PDF

Now, as you have started the scanning of the document. Now, it will be saved in your selected folder. Once again review the steps for saving the scanned document as a PDF.

  • While selecting the option of Save in the preview window of scan, you can select the document type.

  • You may select as PDF or JPEG.

  • Also, select the preferred location to save the document after the scanning of the document.

  • Once it is scanned and saved, go to the required folder.

  • Check whether it is saved there or not.

If it is saved at the desired location, then you have scanned your document to the printer, and can use it as per your need. With this, the steps for HP Printer Scan To Computer and you can scan a number of documents and mail them in order to get better results.