Troubleshooting HP Print Queue Issue is Not Fixed

Have you ever faced a situation in which you sent a print job to your printer and it refused to print the document? Wondering why the HP print queue issue is not fixed? Well, if the answer is YES, Don’t worry! Here, you will get to know the steps for print jobs stuck in queue troubleshooting. Let’s get started.

HP Print Queue Issue is not Fixed? Know the Common reasons Behind it

Some of the common reasons behind the HP print queue is not fixes is given below:

  • Missing, outdated, or incompatible printer drivers

  • Bad Configurations in Windows computer

  • Faulty Connections

  • Loose or damaged cables

  • Do not clean the Input Paper Tray and Ink cartridge for a long time

Print Jobs Stuck in Queue Troubleshooting Tricks

When you are getting an error message on your screen that your print job gets stuck in the queue then it means you are not able to cancel or delete the print command given by you and are not able to print the documents. However, you can resolve this issue by using the HP Print and Scan Doctor diagnostic tools. Go through the below method to troubleshoot the print jobs stuck in queue issue:

Method 1: Delete Print Job Files and Restart the Printer and Computer

The best method to resolve the print jobs stuck in the queue issue is by deleting the print job files and after that restart the printer and computer system. Follow the below steps to delete the print job files:

  • Firstly, turn off your printer. Unplug the power cord which is attached to your HP printer.

  • After that, go to the “Services” section of your Windows device.

  • Thereafter, locate the Printer Spooler option and right-click on it.

  • Click on the “Stop” option. Once you have done this, close the window.

  • In the next step, open “C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPRINTERS” by entering the search bar.

  • Search for the Printer folder and then delete all the files under the printer folder.

  • Next, shut down your computer system and connect all the cords again to it.

  • Turn on your computer and printer.

  • Now, try to print the documents. If you can’t able to print the documents after following the above steps then go to the next step.

Method 2: Reinstall the Printer Drivers from Your System

Another solution to the hp print queue issue is not fixed issue is to uninstall the printer driver or software and then install it again on your system. Go through the below steps to reinstall the printer driver from the system:

  • Firstly, you need to disconnect all the cables from the printer.

  • After that, navigate to the “HP Software and Driver Download” option.

  • Thereafter, enter your HP printer model number in the search bar. Go to the next step to proceed further.

  • Now, read and respond to all the on-screen instructions to install the printer drivers and software.

  • In the next step, connect all the cables again and restart your computer and printer.

  • Try to print the document and see whether the issue is resolved or not.

Method 3: Clear the Print Job Queue Manually

Fix the HP print in queue issue by disable the print spooler service manually and delete all the files from the queue. Here’s are the simple process to resolve the issue:

  • Firstly, turn off your printer.

  • Tap on the Windows 10 Cortana button and enter the services in the search box.

  • Go to the Print Spooler in the Service window. Double-click on the Print Spooler.

  • In the next step, tap on the Stop button in the window to disable the Print Spooler.

  • Thereafter, open the file explorer on Windows 10 menu bar.

  • Now, go to the C:WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS and search the folder that contains the log of documents on your print job queue.

  • Press both Ctrl + A keys from your keyboard to select all the files present in the folder. Tap on the delete button to remove all the files from the folder.

  • Next, open the printer spooler dialogue box. Tap on the Start button to turn on the Printer Spooler.

  • At last, turn on your printer and try to print the document.

Method 4: Clear the Print Queue using the Command Prompt

The best way to resolve the HP print queue is to clear the print queue by using the command prompt. You just need to enter and run some commands. Here’s are the steps:

  • Firstly, switch off the HP printer.

  • After that, press both Windows + X keys at a time.

  • Thereafter, type the net stop spooler in the command prompt window and click on the enter button from your keyboard. It will switch off the print job spooler.

  • Type C:WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS and press the enter button. With this, the printer job will be erased.  

  • In the next step, type net spooler and click on the enter button. It will switch the print spooler to turn on mode.

  • At last turn on your printer and try to print the document.

That’s All! With the above-mentioned steps, you can resolve the HP print queue issue is not fixed issue without any hassle. HP printer gets stuck in the queue when your printer is not in the position to communicate with the device with which you are giving the print command.