Troubleshoot HP Officejet 6600 Printer Failure

HP Officejet 6600 printer failure error comes when due to some reason, printer is not able to print or scan. There are various possible reasons behind it like low ink levels or jamming of rollers. Though, there are certain steps you can take for HP Officejet 6600 troubleshooting at your own end. When the printer display will show the error printer cannot print or printer doesn’t print, then it signifies the printer failure error. There are different solutions available for HP Officejet 6600 troubleshooting. So, follow them one by one till a single solution doesn’t work for you. For every solution, there are different steps involved as well within them. So, start following the steps one by one.

HP Officejet 6600 Troubleshooting for Printer Failure

As there can be different reasons behind the issue, therefore, the solution must have different steps for different issues. So, check each solution one by one, and follow the steps accordingly.

Solution 1: No obstruction should be there in the carriage path

Carriage area is present inside the printer, so I need to take the shutter off, and check the area.

  • Keep the printer in the ON state and detach the power cable from the power source.

  • Now, open the cartridge access area to have a look at the carriage path.

  • Now, check is there any substance or paper that is creating obstruction for the printer.

  • If you find something, then remove that substance.

  • Try to move the carriage with your hand and check whether it is moving freely.

  • If it is jamming in between, then check that particular area.

  • Keep following these steps till the carriage doesn’t start moving freely.

  • Now, close the access area.

  • Then, again connect the power cable to the power source.

  • Press the power button on the printer again.

  • Try to take a printout again.

There are chances that your problem may get resolved but if still you are facing the problem, then you need to move towards the next solution.

Solution 2: Perform Reset for the Printer

There are chances that changing some of the settings of the printer may result in the HP Officejet 6600 printer failure error. So, in order to resolve this issue, you need to follow the steps to reset the printer as follows:

  • Unplug the power cable of the printer from the power source but keeping the printer in ON state.

  • Wait for some time like around 1 minute.

  • Then, again connect the power cable of the printer to the power source.

Note: Make sure you should use any extension in order to make the connection. It should be directly plugged to the power source.

So, this will bring the settings to factory reset or default that you have made earlier. The settings could be any like changing network information, or printer status, all will come back to default. So, try to print again with HP Officejet 6600 printer. If not yet successful, then proceed to the next step to resolve this issue.

Solution 3: Servicing the HP Printer

In case, the above solutions have not worked for you then it means your printer needs the service which includes cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, find the HP service center near to your location, and visit them for the servicing of your printer. They will check every minute part of your printer, and make sure that your printer will work fine. Yes, for this, you need to spend some bucks from your pocket. But, it will surely resolve your HP Officejet 6600 printer failure error.

No Issues Left!

Following the above-mentioned steps will resolve your HP Officejet 6600 printer failure error, and you will be able to take printouts now with your printer. As you may have noticed  HP Officejet 6600 troubleshooting is not a difficult task if you will follow each and every instruction very carefully. Obviously, you will come up with the solution in the end. So, what are you waiting for? In case you have any problem with the printer, just try to resolve it out on your own, and keep completing the printing jobs.