HP ePrint Not Working

Having an issue that HP ePrint not working? Are you looking for a solution to fix HP ePrint problems? If the answer is Yes, then you will find this article useful as it described the reasons for the occurrence of the issue with HP ePrint and the steps to fix it. HP ePrint is an amazing technology with which you can print photos and documents from any place in just one click from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. Although, you can also print the documents by using this app by sending the email to HP printer. Here, you will learn the simple steps for troubleshooting HP ePrint problems. 

Troubleshooting HP ePrint Problems

Sometimes, there can be instances that HP ePrint is not working and is unable to print the documents. It happened due to a network issue or wrong printing settings. Look at the below-mentioned instructions to troubleshoot HP ePrint not working issue. 

Method 1: Check the Printer Status

If HP ePrint is not working then the first step is to check the status of your HP printer. It may happen because your printer is not getting the proper internet connection. Ensure that your Hp printer is turned on and connect with the high-speed internet connection. Follow the below steps to check the printer status:

Step 1: Turn off your HP printer.

Step 2: Test your printer by printing the document using the local network.

Step 3: After that, make sure that the web services should be enabled on the HP printer. 

Step 4: If your printer has a touchscreen then you have to click on the HP ePrint option and tap on Settings. The alternative way is to tap on the web services under the network setup or wireless settings. 

Step 5: If your printer has not touchscreen then print the document to get the IP address. Enter the IP address in the web browser and open the “Embedded Web Server”. Enable the web services. 

Method 2: Resolve the Network Connection Issue

Due to the network connection issue, there may be a possibility that HP ePrint not working. In case, you find any problem with the signal then you can fix it. Follow the below steps to do so:

Step 1: Check that your HP printer is turned on.

Step 2: Make sure that your printer and computer are connected to the same network. 

Step 3: In case, your HP printer has a wifi icon with a blue LED light on the control panel then ensure that the wireless icon is turned on and not in the flashing mode. 

Step 4: If your printer has the option of the wireless setup in the control panel then you can utilize this wizard. It will assist you in connecting your HP printer to the wireless network. 

Step 5: If you are receiving poor or weak WiFi signals then make sure that you have placed the computer and printer nearer to the wireless router. 

Step 6: Reboot your router and check whether the issue gets resolved or not.

Step 7: Check the settings of your router band and ensure that the HP printer supports the frequency bands 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. 

Step 8: Next, you need to check the firewall software which prevents your HP printer from accessing the computer system.