How to Install Canon Printer Without CD

It is not always necessary to have the CD to complete the printer setup in your system. In the age of the internet, you can install the printer driver and complete the printer setup without a CD. Moreover, these days, CDs don’t come up with the printer. So, if you want to know download canon printer software without CD, then you can have a complete guide here. The steps for how to install canon printer without CD are explained here for both word and wireless connection. The only thing you need to take care of is to have a stable internet connection. So, get to know more about this!

Wired Method to Download Canon Printer Software Without CD

In the wired method, the printer will connect with the system using the USB cable. Therefore, the steps to download the Canon Printer software without CD with the wired method are as follows:

  • First, connect the Canon Printer and your system properly with a USB cable.

  • Now, click on the Start menu.

  • Then, go to the Control Panel.

  • After that, right-click on the Devices and Printers. 

  • The list of the devices will open that are connected to your system.

  • Then, select the name of your Canon printer, and click on its properties.

  • Now, note down the model and all details for your Canon Printer.

  • In the Windows Explorer Search bar, type the Device Manager.

  • The window for Device Manager will open, select the Other Devices option from it.

  • If you have previously installed the Canon Printer driver, then it will be displayed there.

  • Right-click on Canon’s printer driver, and then select the Update Printer Driver option.

  • In the next window, select the option of “Browse my computer for driver software”.

  • Select “Let me pick from the Canon drivers on my computer”, then click on the Next button.

  • Select the Printer driver you want to update, and click on Next.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions till you reach the last step.

  • In case, the Canon printer driver is not installed, then launch a web browser.

  • Now, go to the Canon Printer’s official website, and download the required printer software.

  • After downloading, look for the file in the Downloads folder.

  • Run the downloaded file to install the software/ printer driver in the system.

  • The on-screen instructions will help you through the process of the installation of the printer software.

  • After the finish of the installation, restart your system once to apply the settings.

  • Take a test print-out to check the status.

This method needs to be followed when you want to connect your printer with the wired method. But, if your Canon printer has the WPS button, then you can use the wireless method for the installation of the printer software.

Wireless Method to Download Canon Printer Software Without CD

Now, in case you want to use the wireless method for the installation of the Canon Printer, then you need to have the WPS button in your printer, and in the router. So, if this condition satisfied, then follow the steps given below:

  • Turn on your Canon printer first.

  • Press the WPS button of your router for around 2 minutes till LED lights start glowing.

  • Now, keep the WiFi button pressed for the printer.

  • You have to keep it pressed till the alarm LED light flashes blue for at least one time.

  • Now, keep pressing the WPS button of the printer within 2 minutes.

  • Release when all the power and the WiFi LED lights of the printer will get stable and stop flashing.

  • The Canon printer is connected now.

Now, you can take a test printout for the confirmation of the connectivity, and the printer driver will be installed automatically in your system.

No CD required!

So, from the above steps, it is clear that it is possible to download canon printer software without CD. Therefore, in order to know how to install canon printer without CD, follow the guide mentioned above, and get the solutions to all your problems for the Canon printer.