How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop Wirelessly

With the advancement in wireless technology, connecting devices is becoming easy day by day. Moreover, printers are not way away from it. Now, they can connect wirelessly and you can take a print from anywhere. Therefore, it is good to know how to connect Canon printer to laptop wirelessly. In order to know the steps to connect Canon printer to laptop, you need to follow this guide. Moreover, these steps will also help you to know how to setup Canon Wireless Printer. So, let’s start with the steps.

Steps for how to setup Canon Wireless Printer

In order to connect the Canon printer to laptop wirelessly, there are two methods possible:

  1. WPS method 

  2. Standard Wireless Method

In case you want to connect your printer via WPS method, then you need to make sure the following things:

  1. Your printer and router should have WPS button.

  2. Your network should follow WPA/WPA2 security protocol in order to connect with the WPS method.

So, after making these things available, you can continue with the WPS method to connect Canon Wireless Printer.

WPS Method

For connecting the Canon printer wirelessly with the WPS, follow the instructions properly given below:

  • Press the power button to turn on the Canon printer.

  • Then, press and hold the WiFi button present at top of your Canon printer till the LED light flashes for WiFi.

  • Now, press and hold the WPS button of the router for around 2 minutes.

  • The LED light on the printer will keep flashing on the printer in search of the network.

  • The LED and power light will flash simultaneously when the printer is connected to the router.

  • Now, the WiFi light will stop flashing, and continue to lit till it is connected.

  • Now, load the papers in the paper tray of your printer..

  • After that, tap and hold the Resume/Cancel button of your printer till the LED light doesn’t flash for 15 times.

  • Then, release it and the network information page will get the printer itself showing the status of the printer

So, now your printer’s wireless setup is complete with the WPS button, and you can take the printouts from anywhere via laptop. The only thing you need to take care of is that both the devices i.e. printer and laptop should be connected to the same network. In case, your device doesn’t have the WPS button, then you need to follow the standard wireless method.

Standard Wireless Method

If you are looking for the simple method to connect the Canon printer wirelessly, then you can rely on the standard wireless method. The steps for the standard wireless method:

  • Start your laptop and connect it to the internet.

  • Now, install the application “Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utilities”.

  • Once installed, then run the application.

  • Now, power on the printer, and connect it to the laptop via USB cable.

  • Select the radio button for the USB in the connection option.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

  • After completing the setup process, select the IPv4 for the connection option.

  • Now, enter the password for your printer i.e. printer’s serial number.

  • From the list of the available networks, select the network name of your router.

  • Enter the WiFi password if prompted or not an open connection.

  • Remove the Usb cable, and the printer’s wireless setup is complete for your device. 

  • To print wirelessly, you need to add your printer in the devices list.

  • Go to the control panel, and add your Canon Printer as a device.

By adding the printer, now you are all set to take the printouts wirelessly without while being present in the same network.

Connected Wirelessly!

By connecting wirelessly to the printer, most of your problems have resolved as you don’t need to connect your printer first via wires to take the printouts. The steps for how to connect Canon printer to laptop wirelessly are discussed in detail. Therefore, just give the command to the printer, and your work is done.