Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer Setup

Manual for Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer Setup

Manual for Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer SetupCanon Printers provides an immense range of printers. Especially, when you want to print the photos, then you can’t go somewhere else except Canon printers. So, if you are looking for the Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer Setup, then you are on the right platform. The Canon TS3100 Setup is quite easy, and you can do it easily without any assistance from a technician. So, let’s get started with the steps for the Canon TS3100 Setup.

Steps for Canon PIXMA TS3100 Printer Setup

There are two methods available for completing the Canon TS3100 Setup. These are the Wireless method and Wireless Direct Method. So, the detailed steps are mentioned below to set up the printer and do the printing and scanning operations with the Canon Printer.

Wireless Direct Method:

  • Turn On the printer, and the power light will start lighting.

  • Wait for some time if the printing cartridge cleaning is being done.

  • If the power light is blinking, then press the Stop button on the printer, and power on it again.

  • Now, press the Direct button for some time, till the second button will start flashing.

  • Now, in the display of the printer the horizontal bars will start flashing.

  • Go to the Wireless Network Manager in your system/smartphone.

  • Select the name of your printer being shown in the list of wireless devices.

  • Enter the password for your printer.

Now, your Canon TS3100 Setup is complete with the Wireless Direct Method. You can start printing photos with the Canon TS3100 printer. In case, you don’t know about the password for your printer, then you can check the Printer Network settings or the manual for your printer in which the default password will be mentioned.

Now, if you are finding this as a difficult method or getting confused in the steps, then you can follow the Wireless method for your printer mentioned in the next section.

Wireless Method:

  • At first, power on your Canon TS3100 Printer.

  • Now, find the Printer’s IP address by printing the Printer Network settings.

  • After that, launch the web browser in your system.

  • In the URL field, enter the IP address of your printer that you have found.

  • Press Enter on your keyboard.

  • The “Remote UI” will open as the next page on your screen.

  • Now, select the option For Secure Communication.

  • So, there is a need to download the certificate and register it.

  • For this, click on the Download option in the Remote UI.

  • With this, the download for the root certificate will be started.

  • The confirmation screen will appear to open the certificate.

  • Click on the Open button to display the certificate.

  • Now click on the Install Certificate option.

  • The wizard will open and then, click on the Next button.

  • After that, select the option of Place all certificates in the following store.

  • Click on the Browse button.

  • It will display the Select Certificate Store screen.

  • Now, look for the Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and click on the OK button.

  • Then, click on the Next button.

  • The final screen for the Certificate Import Wizard will appear and click on the Finish button.

  • The security warning will be displayed. 

  • The thumbprint on the Security Warning should match with the printer’s thumbprint.

  • If it matches, click on the Yes button.

  • Then again click on yes to complete the registration of the certificate.

  • Now, click on the Login button.

  • The screen for the password authentication will appear.

  • Enter the password for your printer.

  • Check the status of your printer, and then check the settings for your printer.

  • Now, select the Logout button.

  • After that, close down the browser.

Therefore, these are the methods that could be followed in order to complete the Canon TS3100 Setup. So, follow these methods at your ease to understand the steps.

Get Your Photos Printed!

So, after completing the Canon TS3100 setup, you can now print your photos and that too with the best quality. These steps are explained properly covering the minor details for the Canon PIXMA TS3100 printer setup so that you can understand them easily. So, get your photos printed with a Canon PIXMA TS3100 printer.