Completing Canon Pixma Printer Setup

Canon Printers are known for their best printing quality whether it has to print photos or documents. These days, as everythings is connecting wirelessly, therefore, the same things are happening with the printers as well. Now, there is no longer a need for the USB cable and you can connect Canon printer to WiFi wirelessly. You just need to know how to complete the Canon Pixma printer setup and you are all set to take the better quality printouts. So, to have the more clear idea about the Canon printer installation, follow this guide!

Steps for Canon Pixma Printer Setup

If one has to divide the steps into the phases for the Canon Pixma printer setup, then it will mainly include the two phases. These are:

  1. Preparing the Canon printer for the wireless setup.
  2. Installation of the printer driver.

he installation of the printer driver is important to include in the printer setup. It is so because it is not possible to take the printouts without a printer driver. So, let’s discuss the steps for both the phases to get the end result as the workable printer.

Preparing Canon Printer for Wireless Setup:

To prepare the printer for the wireless setup means connecting the printer to the WiFi network so that it can work wirelessly. To do so, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • First make sure your modem/router is in ON state.

  • Now, to start the wireless setup of the printer, press the setup button on the printer’s control panel.

  • Now, navigate to the Wireless Lan Setup option on the display with arrow keys.

  • Tap on the OK button.

  • Now, select the option of the Other setup and tap OK.

  • Then, select the option of Cabless or Cableless setup, and press the Ok button.

With these steps, you have prepared the printer for the wireless setup of the printer. Now, as it has been mentioned, the printer driver installation is also important for completing the Canon Pixma printer setup. So, let’s move to phase 2.

Installation of Printer Driver 

Now, to complete the installation of the printer driver for the setup, following instructions will help you out.

  • Go to the system that is connected to the internet.

  • Now, open the latest version of the web browser.

  • Then, type the URL as in the URl field.

  • Now, select the region and printer name from the list.

  • The required printer driver files will be shown with the download link.

  • Then, click on the download link for the installation of the driver.

  • Once the file is downloaded, open the file.

  • The wizard will open with the on-screen instructions. 

  • Follow those instructions to complete the installation.

  • In the instructions, you need to select the option of the wireless Lan setup, and then click on Next.

  • Click on the Connect via wireless router in the wizard steps, and then select Next.

  • Again in the next window, click on Next, and then select the option of Cabless setup.

  • Then, the installation wizard will appear, click on Yes button to confirm.

  • Select all the softwares, and click on the Next button then.

  • On the completion of the installation, click on the Complete button.

  • Click on Next, and take the test printout.

If you are able to take the test printout successfully, then it means you have completed the Canon Pixma printer setup properly. It means you connect Canon printer to WiFi successfully, and now you can take your printouts wirelessly without getting tangled into wires.