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Fixing Brother Printer Not Printing Double Sided

These days, printers are not limited to singlet printing. Now, you can print double-sided as well at one time known as duplex printing. Mostly the Brother Printers use this feature. The duplex printing will not only save your time but also energy. Sometimes, due to certain reasons, a brother printer not printing double sided may turn into an issue, especially when you are in shortage of time. So, if you are seeking a solution to the Brother Printer Duplex Not Working, then you don’t need to go anywhere else. This article covers the reasons for the issue along with the solution. The reasons have been covered due to the reason so that you don’t face the same problem in future. So, let’s learn more about fixing the Brother Printer Duplex Not Working.


Possible Reasons for Brother Printer Duplex Not Working

If the Brother Printer Duplex Not Working is blocking your progress with the work, then you need to have a sneak peek into the reasons which have made the Brother Printer not printing double sided.

With Mac OS, there are chances to face this problem as Mac OS drivers don’t support duplex printing.
In Windows or other operations systems, the issue can arise due to incompatible printer drivers.
On recently updating the operating system, if you will try to print a duplex, then the issue may arise.
If you are using any third-party plugin print service, then also, it could lead to the improper working of the Brother Printer.
If one is trying to take the printout from the corrupted files, then this could lead to Brother Printer Duplex Not Working.

Therefore, these are the possible reasons that can stop the brother Printer from printing services especially, in duplex printing. Now, after looking at the reasons, if you move to the solutions, then have a look at the next section.

Solutions to Brother Printer not Printing Double Sided

There are very simple solutions that you need to follow for the Brother Printer not printing double sided. So, try these solutions one by one in order to fix this problem.

  • Make sure that the duplex feature is on for the Brother Printer.

  • Check the updates for the Printer Driver that is compatible with your model of Brother Printer.

  • Check the page setup or paper settings carefully to make sure settings are not for the singlet paper.

  • Check the configuration for the Duplex Printing as well.

  • If you have made any changes in the settings, make sure to save the settings in order to apply.

Therefore, these are some of the basic solutions that you need to follow in the case of Brother Printer not printing double sided.  Still, if the problem is persisting, and you don’t have time to go to the technician, then follow the solution given below:

Alternative Solution:

  • First print on the one side of the paper, then reverse the stack and print the on the other side.

  • While following this solution, make sure to change the page setup with Even/Odd so that printing should get completed in actual format.

Therefore, if you are facing the issue of Brother Printer not printing double sided, then check the above-mentioned reasons, and try the solutions as described in order to get rid of the problem of Brother Printer Duplex Not Working.