Brother hll2340dw Wifi Setup

How to Setup and Connect Brother Hl-L2340DW Printer to WiFi

How to Setup and Connect Brother Hl-L2340DW Printer to WiFiBrother Printers provide a range of printers renowned for their printing quality. Brother HL-L2340DW Printer is not an exception to it. So, if you want to learn about the brother hll2340dw wifi setup, then you are at the right place. In this guide, the steps for How to Setup and Connect Brother Hl-L2340dw Printer to WiFi are going to be discussed. All these steps will be discussed under different headings so that you don’t get confused with the Brother HL L2340DW Setup process and you will not face any problem by the end of the setup. So. let’s get started.

Steps for Brother HL L2340DW Setup

Setting up a device is not a difficult task if it will be done step by step as mentioned. Therefore, it is so important to follow each and every step carefully without skipping anything. Therefore, now, the steps for the brother hll2340dw wifi setup will be explained, and the starting procedure will go with the completion of the pre-requisites for the setup.

Prerequisites for brother hll2340dw wifi setup

Before you start with the process of the setup of the Brother HLL2340DW Printer, you must know about the network settings of your WiFi router. Therefore, check the details for the router given below:

  • Note down the Network SSID for your router.

  • Note down the password for your router.

You can find this information on the sticker pasted at the surface of the router. Once, you have completed the pre-requisites for the brother hll2340dw wifi setup, then you can move to the next phase, i.e. setting up the brother printer over the WiFi.

Setting Up the Brother Printer

Connecting the printer over the wireless network is not a difficult thing if you have collected the information mentioned above. So, let’s started with the steps:

  • Connect your Brother’s printer to the electrical power source via the power cord.

  • Press the Down key of the printer to navigate the network option on the display of the Brother Printer.

  • Tap the OK button on the printer.

  • Now, again press the down or up key to navigate the option of WLAN on display, and tap OK.

  • Again use the arrow keys to locate the setup wizard option and press OK.

  • The question will appear as  “WLAN Enable?”. 

  • Select the answer Yes for enabling the wireless network.

  • The list of the available wireless networks will appear on the display.

  • Select the name of your network SSID that you have noted, and press OK.

  • If the password is required then, enter the one you have noted down.

  • Now, the printer will be connected to the wireless network, and the message will be displayed as “Connection OK”.

Therefore, now your Brother Printer setup is complete and connected to the wireless network. But, the working is not possible without the installation of a Printer Driver. So, now, move to the next phase of installation of the printer driver.

Installing the Printer Driver for brother hll2340dw wifi setup

Now, the last phase of the Brother Printer Setup is left i.e. downloading and installation of the printer driver. Without the driver, it is not possible to run the printer or give commands of printing via the system. Therefore, it is the most important step for the brother hll2340dw wifi setup.

  • Visit the official website of the Brother Printer.

  • Now, go to the downloads section.

  • Then locate the option of the Full Driver and Software Package for your model. 

  • The window will open up with the on-screen instructions.

  • Follow them to the last to finish up the installation.

  • Run the downloaded file.

  • Your printer driver is downloaded and installed now.

So, now you can give the command to your brother printer either for printing or scanning the important documents.

Make your Brother Printer Work!

With the completion of these steps, the Brother HL L2340DW Setup is complete. Therefore, now without any hesitation, you can follow this guide as each and every detail for the brother hll2340dw wifi setup is covered in this. So, you can complete this set up on your own, and make your Brother Printer work for the printing and scanning jobs.